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The mission of the East Hants Curling Associations (EHCA) is to provide the community of East Hants with an opportunity to participate locally in the sport of curling. To this end, EHCA aims to provide equipment and facilities, either temporary or permanent, that would allow such activity to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Latest Developments

June 17, 2021

EHCA was selected for a grant from the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program for $15,000.00: that's right $15,000.00. The financial grant was received on 9 June 2021 and will be used to purchase three complete sets of YOUTH CURLING STONES for the YOUTH OF EAST HANTS. The stones will enable the YOUTH OF EAST HANTS to play games in a youth league of varied ages. The Riverside Education Centre and the Hants East Rural High School have been contacted via letter and local families will be approached to provide a non-contact sports option for the students of all abilities. There is also an option for a YOUTH LEARN TO CURL PROGRAM that has been well received in the past three years. Contact any Board of Director: information available on the Contact page.

Presently EHCA has an ask of the East Hants Municipal Council for funding for a New Multi-purpose Curling Facility attached to the Sportsplex. There is also an application with the Federal Government Inclusive Community Building Infrastructure Program for 60% of a new build. Contact your Municipal Councilor, MLA, or MP, requesting their support for this project. HURRY HARD for a new facility.

The following is an earlier message from May 5, 2021

Let's now talk about the 2020/2021 curling season. The Board of Directors (BOD) was surely challenged in October 2020 by the PANDEMIC COVID-19 operational scenario, to ensure that the membership had a good curling season. The main ice surface of the Sportsplex was closed resulting in scheduling issues for Ice Pad B where we normally play our sport. Working with the East Hants Arena Association as a rental group, we were given Thursdays up to 3 p.m. and running until 15 April 2021. This allowed only one daytime league but we used all five sheets.

The pre-PANDEMIC COVID-19 plans were to have mixed morning and evening leagues as well as afternoon curling for youth from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. There were conversations and emails with the School Principals that unfortunately had to be paused with all the limitations and concerns presented by COVID 19. We lost about eight weeks, mostly in December and January, but for the most part we had a full season. The league champs and the playoff champs are shown on the "About Us" page.

For September 2021, EHCA is planning to maximize the Curling Experience to the East Hants community. Come out and enjoy a great couple of hours playing an inexpensive sport which requires only a pair of shoes and a broom: all of the other on-ice equipment is provided. Learn-to-Curl classes can be made available and curling does not take long to learn: delivering stones and sweeping is the beginning of a great new experience for all ages and abilities. Watch for September 2021 registration date and time.

EHCA submitted an application to the Canadian Tire Jump Start Program for funding, which if approved, will be used to purchase three sets of junior stones. Working cooperatively with the EH Sportsplex staff, we are investigating the purchase of a Laser Ice Leveling System with an aim to provide the best curling ice possible. Each Thursday morning the ice is transformed by the Ice Technicians from rink ice to curling ice. They start with a new canvas of ice that is transformed into a smooth, pebbled ice surface, with demanding parameters, to ensure a high quality curling surface. The Laser Ice Leveling System that we hope to get before the next curling season starts, is a bit costly but it promises to help make excellent curling ice and may also improve the ice plant’s efficiency.

EHCA will be entering a fourth year of curling at the Sportsplex in October 2021. Many East Hants residents have enjoyed the opportunity but having a permanent curling facility in the community is what is really needed. EHCA presently is on the EH Municipal Council July 2021 agenda for funding for a Multi-purpose Curling Facility located in East Hants. The Business Plan can be found on this website and we encourage you to examine it. We are confident that after reading our communications and hearing from community residents, the Councillors will support our request for funding as it would make the East Hants community a better place in which to live with the addition of a long needed recreation facility to serve every member of the community, regardless of age or ability.

It is a challenge to communicate in East Hants with no radio, TV station, or a local newspaper. Websites are nice, but EHCA is one of many in this busy world of ours and getting our information out to you is difficult. To stay abreast of EHCA developments, you can email EHCA to be added to our contact list. You can also contact any member of the Board of Directors if you have any questions, want to help realize our dreams, or simply interested in curling.

Thank you for your support,

Harold MacNeil, President

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